So what do you even do all day?😳

When I tell people I’m a housewife with no kids I have come to expect about three different responses. The first one is from what I believe to be is a person who is content with their own life. This type of person is capable of feeling happiness for another person and has no problem expressing that they think it’s an awesome situation. I really like this type of person, I imagine most people do.

The second response is usually from other women and it’s generally very negative. These are the women who I choose not to spend my time with. Women who struggle to be happy for other women. Women who most likely struggle to be happy with themselves. These women usually ask, so what do you even do all day?  Often I can see the judgement in their gaze. I hope that it’s mostly jealously fuelling their snide remarks and sour expressions but it’s probably more than that. You see, if this was sixty years ago it would be other housewives condemning the working woman.  It doesn’t matter what year it is, if you’re doing something out of the norm, some people will judge you for it. I’ve come to accept this.

The third reaction I get is usually from men and it’s the assumption that I’m a gold digger.  No surprise there. Thanks Kanye.

I used to constantly feel the need to defend myself against these reactions, to explain mine and my husbands situation and why we chose to live our life this way and I grew sick of it. Why was I giving these judgemental people permission to effect my feelings?  When in reality if they didn’t judge me for being a housewife, they would certainly find something else to judge me for. It’s just the way they are and I can’t change that. What I can change is how I react. You know that saying, “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react” well I think it’s finally sunk in. Gone are the days when I stumble through my words trying to explain myself and my situation because if you’re worth being in my life you won’t need an explanation.  You’ll know that I’m a freaking fantastic housewife and more than that I’m happy being one. Do what makes you happy and you will be happy. Do you think the haters are happy? Somehow I doubt it. 😉




One thought on “So what do you even do all day?😳

  1. I fully agree with everything you’ve said sweetie. I know you’re happy with your life the way it is, as I was when you and your brothers were growing up and I stayed at home. There is a lot of joy in the feeling you get from that and it’s stayed with me all these years. I’m glad you’re the ‘Happiest Housewife’ now…I pass the mantle to you!!!

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